Hi shine polymer floor treatment

Hi Shine - Liquid polymer floor treatment

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HI-SHINE 24% active silicone emulsion. 2 in 1 Hard wearing non slip high shine liquid floor polish and sealer or a mop and shine floor treatment. No buffing required.

Hi-Shine is a liquid floor polish based on an acrylic polymer emulsion. The product is formulated to offer an excellent balance between cost and performance. Hi-Shine possesses outstanding anti-slip, wear and detergent resistance, good leveling and re-coatability. Hi-Shine is primarily formulated as a self-shining liquid polish for use on low porosity natural and artificial stone, PVC, linoleum and rubber floor coverings.
Hi-Shine is ideally suited for schools, hospitals, shopping centers and other high traffic areas.


Add 200ml Hi Shine to 1L (5 to1)  water and mop onto a clean pre treated floor.
Daily mop and shine of smooth floated cement floors, tiles and sealed timber floors with 100ml Hi shine per 5L water.

Existing pre treated floors:
Ensure surface is clean and any previous non Hi Shine treatments have been removed (stripped with floor cleaner or floor stripper). If unsure test a small inconspicuous area first.

New Floors

  1. Always apply to a small test patch before treating the whole area
  2. Brush floor area to remove all foreign objects
  3. Clean the floor area with a suitable detergent or stripper
  4. Rinse well with clean water and allow floor to dry
  5. Ensure the surface is completely clean
  6. Apply 1st coat Hi-Shine with an applicator (40-55m2 /liter) and allow floor to dry (30 min)
  7. Apply subsequent coats depending on traffic and finish required.
  8. Allow at least 1 hour after final coat before walking on it