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Chlorinated bleaching liquid ensures quick and effective action to remove stains and other deposits from various fabrics and can be added to dishwashing applications to remove stains from stainless steel cutlery.???

Application:??? Sanitize and clean - Dilute 250ml in 10ltr water and wash contaminated area with mop or cloth

Stain remover - Dilute 1/4 cup with 5ltr water, soak for 3-15 minutes and rinse with fresh water followed by washing with your normal detergent

Brightening - Dilute 1/4 cup with 10ltr of water, soak clothing for 5-15 minutes and rinse with fresh water followed by washing with normal detergent.???

CAUTION:??? Never apply concentrate directly to fabric and always test for colour fastness first.

About Sodium Hypochlorite

Bleach is a strong and effective disinfectant its active ingredient sodium hypochlorite is effective in killing bacteria, fungi and viruses, including influenza virus but it is easily inactivated by organic material.

Diluted household bleach disinfects within 10-60 minutes contact time , is widely available at a low cost, and is recommended for surface disinfection in health-care facilities. However, bleach irritates mucous membranes, the skin and the airways; decomposes under heat and light; and reacts easily with other chemicals. Therefore, bleach should be used with caution; ventilation should be adequate and consistent with relevant occupational health and safety guidance. Improper use of bleach, including deviation from recommended dilutions (either stronger or weaker), may reduce its effectiveness for disinfection and can injure health-care workers.

Sodium hypochlorite: concentration and use.

Procedures for preparing and using diluted bleach

To prepare and use diluted bleach:

  • use a mask, rubber gloves and waterproof apron; goggles also are recommended to protect the eyes from splashes;
  • mix and use bleach solutions in well-ventilated areas;
  • mix bleach with cold water (hot water decomposes the sodium hypochlorite and renders it ineffective);
  • if using bleach containing 5% sodium hypochlorite, dilute it to 0.05%.

Precautions for the use of bleach

Bleach can corrode metals and damage painted surfaces.

Avoid touching the eyes. If bleach gets into the eyes, immediately rinse with water for at least 15 minutes, and consult a physician.

Do not use bleach together with other household detergents, because this reduces its effectiveness and can cause dangerous chemical reactions. For example, a toxic gas is produced when bleach is mixed with acidic detergents, such as those used for toilet cleaning, and this gas can cause death or injury. If necessary, use detergents first, and rinse thoroughly with water before using bleach for disinfection.

Undiluted bleach emits a toxic gas when exposed to sunlight; thus, store bleach in a cool, shaded place, out of the reach of children.

Sodium hypochlorite decomposes with time. To ensure its effectiveness, purchase recently produced bleach, and avoid over-stocking.

If using diluted bleach, prepare the diluted solution fresh daily. Label and date it, and discard unused mixtures 24 hours after preparation.

Organic materials inactivate bleach; clean surfaces so that they are clear of organic materials before disinfection with bleach.

Keep diluted bleach covered and protected from sunlight, and if possible in a dark container, and out of the reach of children.