Industrial floor cleaner
Floor Cleaner
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Floor Cleaner

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A strong alkaline degreaser to clean sa organic soil, oil and diesel effectively from workshop floors and driveways. Effectively strips polymer and wax floor treatments.

Always wear appropriate PPE when working with cleaning chemicals.

Work in small areas at a time to avoid product drying before use.

Dilute 1:10 for painted surfaces. Use neat for non painted surfaces.
Apply floor cleaner directly to the floor and scrub surface with a stiff broom.
Wet treated area and maintain scrubbing action to develop a foam head and break the surface tension, keep adding product & water as necessary to avoid the work area drying out.
Leave for 5 minutes and repeat scrubbing action.
Rinse off with clean water with a hose or mop.

If dirt or stains persist rather repeat the process instead of simply adding more product. This allows deep penetrated oil and grime to "lift" via capillary action.