X-treme Car Shampoo
X-treme Car Shampoo
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X-treme Car Shampoo

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Streak free Car Shampoo is formulated to clean and shine all paint finishes in one easy application. The formula produces a rich foam that floats away dirt, leaving your vehicle with a brilliant shine. Ideal for use with pressure washers.

For hand washing dilute 150ml Car Shampoo with 25 L water.

Extreme Car Shampoo will not harm paint, lettering or decals, nor etch painted metal or glass. Total solubility in water prevents clogging of any equipment. Extreme Car Shampoo will not inhibit equipment performance.

Pleasant to use. No caustic fumes or odours


  1. Pour Extreme Car Shampoo concentrate into the detergent compartment of pressure washer. Set the mixing knob to achieve a 1 in 40 dilution. Select nozzle for spray pattern of 15 to 45 for normal soil conditions. Use lower spray pattern angle for heavier soils.

    Minimum of 400 psi pressure is recommended

    Note: Experimentation with various dilutions and spray pattern angles is recommended to achieve maximum cleaning performance and economical in-use dilution.

  2. Depending on the soil build-up, hold pressure washer nozzle 300mm to 1000mm from the painted surfaces to be cleaned. Apply Cleaning Warehouse Car Shampoo starting from the bottom of the vehicle or machine to be cleaned, working upwards.

  3. Permit minimum 30 seconds penetration time, but do not allow extreme Car Shampoo to dry on the surface.

  4. Holding nozzle 150mm to 300mm from the surface, pressure rinse thoroughly at right angles, starting at the bottom, working upwards. Rinse again, starting from the top working down.

Hand wash Instructions:

  • Use on a cool car in a shaded area.
  • Hose down vehicle to remove excess dirt and grime.
  • Dilute 150ml;25L With water
  • Wash and rinse one section at a time, starting at the top.
  • Excessive concentration may leave windows streaky ,due to too much soap.