Distributors Club


CSC Distributors Program - Developing Entrepreneurs

Looking to start your own detergent sales business or already up and running?

As a startup or SMME access to prerequisite skills to deal with the very real challenges in building your detergent business is simply unaffordable. Well not any more!

Would you appreciate having your own R&D department, a technical department, a shoulder to lean on?  
As a CSC Distributor Program (CDP) member that's just what you get The difference you can now afford it all. Get your competitive technical edge now.

CDP is an subscription based (paid  quarterly or annually making it affordable to any SMME ) on-line resource giving you access to the skills & resources only "the big boys" enjoy plus CDP discounts.

Your subscription includes;

  • 15% Discount on finished products
  • Guidance on testing your products
  • Technical assistance, when things go amiss.
  • General advice, a members only information resource
    • Your client needs to know what cleans X from Y surface? As a CDP member you will have the answers.

Join Now - Your product savings alone will cover your subscription. Its a no brainer really!!